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Inspiration has struck, and you are ready to include the rich colors, textures, and fragrances of a garden to your property. The first stage of realizing your vision is to discuss your ideas with the seasoned professionals at D.L. Moffett.

Design and Planning

Together, we can determine the best mix of plants, flowers, shrubs, rocks and stones, flower pots or other decor to make your home look magnificent. Or, perhaps, you wish to create a wonderfully abundant vegetable garden complete with the foods you and your family love. Whatever outdoor look you desire, we can help to design, plan, and execute the best possible solution for your unique environment.


Maybe you already have a wonderful garden or terrace, but you require help with maintaining the living, breathing plants which occupy your space. Or, perhaps, you need some help with seasonal maintenance issues like ice and snow removal. Whether you need help servicing your flower bed or your herb garden, to keep it looking your best we can offer our expert assistance. 

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