A Garden dynamic…

The landscape is active. It is living, breathing, moving, growing. It is not static. As such, it is unrealistic to think of installing a landscape and then removing oneself from the landscape. So much goes into the execution of well-designed garden installation. To abandon it merely because the components have been assembled into a lovely arrangement would be simply irresponsible. A landscape is a budding relationship, demanding of intimacy. It is never done. Rather, it is attended to. And, the attended landscape only gets better over time. It moves and one must move with it. And yet, because plants do indeed grow “naturally” in this world, it is common to feel that they might take care of themselves.

People and plants…

The more one tends to plants, the more one begins to recognize the many connections between plants and people. It is naïve to believe a landscape can be dropped in place, left to nature’s care, and endure beautifully. Does a child mature without nurturing care? Of course not! Nor should we hope a tree in an urban setting might grow to be an iconic specimen without care. And neither people nor plants can simply be plugged-in with an expectation that they give very much back in return. So it is that a great garden is tended.

These eyes…

It starts with the eyes. It has been said that the eyes are windows to our souls. Just as the eyes are capable of reflecting subtle volumes, so can they capture the subtle, developing beauty of our surroundings. The urban garden poses many cultural challenges; and, it takes a discerning eye to attend to the many techniques and tasks a healthy garden demands. Timely attention to such subtlety lends volume to the depths of a garden’s beauty, adding tremendous value to the landscape. It can also mean the difference between a beautiful, robust landscape, and one which lacks vigor and must be replaced.

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