Seasonal Botanical Displays

Dramatically enhancing the overall aesthetic of your landscape, seasonal botanical displays add focal points of striking colors and textures which endure for seasonal stretches. Our designers will work closely with you to determine plant combinations of appropriate size, color, and texture to meet your tastes and the needs of your landscape. Upon installation, we take great pride in caring for the displays through our thorough and timely maintenance, yielding the maximum enjoyment for your investment.


Spring is a very exciting season; a time for rebirth and attention returned to the landscape.   Spring displays captivate with bright colors and soft undertones, capturing a renewal of energy and exuberance.  After a long Winter hibernation, there is nothing quite like a Spring display to affirm nature’s resolve.


Summer annuals offer the most variety and endurance of any of the display seasons.  Summer displays provide just the right finish for the landscape, creating unique focal points of persistent color and texture. We can create beautiful displays with classic flowers, unique tropical blooms, rich tropical foliage, or compelling combinations of any of the three. 


Fall displays embrace the colors of the season, capturing essential elements and seasonal color changes so associated with the joyful harvest of Autumn.  We use a mix of grasses, flowers, and foliage plants to bring out the inherent fun of the season.  As the weather cools, our Fall displays remain hardy and beautiful through early frosts.


At a time when most of the landscape is dormant, Winter displays bring life to your outdoor spaces.  We utilize combinations of evergreens, fir boughs, mixed greens, lights and other unique accents to help these displays bring special warmth to the Winter season.

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