Snow & Ice Control

During the winter months, D.L. MOFFETT extends service to include snow and ice control. One of the great challenges of effective snow and ice control stems from the irregularity and unpredictable nature of winter weather. Seasoned in timely delivery of services through our consummate landscape efforts, D.L. MOFFETT is particularly poised to execute snow and ice control for our clients.

We clear measurable snow and ice after each storm or snowfall, taking great care to ensure the hard surfaces around your home are safe. You can be assured we take every precaution to ensure that all landscape plantings are protected from damage during any stage of the process.

One measure we take in order to minimize damage is to use the safest and greenest materials available for melting ice and providing traction. The ice-melt products we use will be both plant and pet friendly and used as sparingly as to prove effective against slipping.

Finally, as a function of our consummate landscape care, our snow and ice control service includes the scouting, monitoring and tending to any plantings dangerously weighed-down with snow and ice as conditions warrant.

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